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You are not your mistakes, It's just something you do sometimes.

The picture above captures me in a moment of vulnerability, standing before over a hundred people at a New Moon event in New York. I often talk about stepping out of your comfort zone, facing your fears, and through that, making your life better and better, achieving true fulfillment and happiness.


Embracing Change


At the event, Monica Berg, the author of Fear Is Not an Option, Rethink Love, The Gift of Being Different, and co-host of the Spiritually Hungry podcast, asked a thought-provoking question to the audience: What do you want to leave behind for this new moon of Aries? We were supposed to share in small groups. I was actually a little bit excited because it felt like in the last few weeks I really discovered some old and negative beliefs that I wanted to leave behind.


A Leap of Faith


So, with my excitement, I wanted to go first in my group, but another girl was faster, and then I ended up being the last person in the group to share. Just as I wanted to start, the time was up. Suddenly, my group was saying, "You need to share on stage." My heart started to race a little faster—oh no, on stage alone?


Finding Strength in Support


While I was still pondering if I should raise my hand, another person was chosen, and I felt relief. There was a part of me that knew going against my comfort zone will lead to a big shift. Also, I truly believe that if you say something out loud, it has power, almost like a magic spell. You have to speak out loud what you want and what you don't want—otherwise, how will the universe hear you? I kind of prayed and said to my group, "Okay, if God wants me to speak and they ask another person to share, I will raise my hand." My group said, "Yes, you have to raise your hand, go for it."


Breaking Barriers


And of course, they asked if someone else wanted to come to the stage, and I was about to ‘chicken out’, but my group was motivating me. They encouraged me, and of course, the host picked me. On my way to the stage, I was thinking to myself—don't faint, don't faint. OMG, I was so nervous.


Sharing My Journey


And then I shared my discovery about the past few weeks and my fear of the consequences of making ‘mistakes’. I often don't publish a newsletter or an IG post because I feel it's not good enough. What if I share too much? What if it's not clear - I'm German after all? What will people think? I'm not reaching out to people about my work because I don't want to come off as  selling something. Even with birthday gifts, I want them to be so special, so the recipient can feel my appreciation and love but then I totally get tangled up in my thoughts, what if they don't like it or even worse what if the gift offends them. 

Because of this overthinking and the fear of doing something wrong, I often end up doing nothing.


Embracing Imperfection


I was shaking while I spoke but after I finished, I felt relieved, I knew that speaking my fears  out loud in front of all these people will help me to be more bold!


The advice I got was, "You will fall, and you will make mistakes—that's life. Leave the judgment behind and live, share your gifts, and have fun." 

It resonated so deeply with me as I'm working on this workshop that I'm so excited about but wasn't quite sure how to share it with the world.

 I love giving sessions, guiding people, and the feedback is always amazing.

Just Instagram and promotion scared me so far. After this, not anymore.


Invitation to Growth


One last thing, I got a lot of feedback, and people came to me and said, "Oh, going on stage was so brave," but it was due to my encouraging group. Whenever you face scary situations, it's so much easier if you feel supported. These three people in my group were strangers, but they helped me so much in breaking something. When ever you want to break something, if you want growth. Reach out and ask for help. To friends, to family, to me if you like! I'm here for you.

Have a blessed day,

with so much Love,


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