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"The only true choice we have is to choose ourenvironment"



I often write about the importance of healing your generational trauma, in the spirit of spring cleaning—or Passover cleaning—let's take a look at our social environment and maybe tidy it up a bit 😉


Clean Eating Influencers on Social Media


On TikTok and Instagram, you'll find plenty of reels with titles like "In my clean eating area," where influencers celebrate clean eating, ensuring they're mindful of what they put into their bodies. They want their food to have a high frequency, be rich in nutrition, and easy to digest. This is a wonderful practice. Sometimes they might say, "Oh, today is a little cheat day," and add something that isn't perfectly healthy. They explain that this is okay because our bodies are resilient and have amazing self-healing powers. The takeaway from that is, if our baseline is a balanced healthy diet, a little bit of 'unhealthy' isn't harmful.


Impact of our Surroundings on our Mental Health and our Ability to Manifest the Amazing Life We Want


The same goes for our social environment, if the baseline from our inner circle is healthy, a little bit 'unhealthy' isn't harmful. What do I mean by that and what is an inner circle?  In the book "Worthy" by Jamie Kern Lima, she writes about how your inner circle directly influences your self-worth, your sense of "enough," and your feeling of security. Your inner circle are the people that you speak to on a very frequent bases, the people you ask for advice and the people you go to when you are in a tough place. Jamie Kern Lima explains that most of us don't actively choose our environment or our inner circle; it often defaults to family, classmates, or work colleagues. She continues, saying, "Your inner circle should feel like a hug and taste like freedom. It should be a place where you can exhale, mess up, get it wrong, cry it out—all with the unshakable certainty that love won't be withheld from you if you do." That reminds me of my favorite quote by Kabbalist Rav Ashlag: "The only true choice we have is to choose our environment." But what does that mean?


Checking the Ingredients of Your Inner Circle


When someone wants to improve their diet, they start educating themselves about nutrition. Usually, they begin to check the ingredients before putting anything in their mouths. So, why don't we start checking what we let into our minds? What are the ingredients of our inner circle? Do they support us? Do they have our best interests at heart? Do they celebrate wins with us? Are they happy for us? Do they motivate us to get better? Do they encourage us when we fall? Also, check the music you're listening to, the shows you're watching, the books you're reading—do these things make you feel good? Be curious about the people you take advice from. Taking relationship advice from someone whose private life is a mess might not be the best idea. 


The good ones go into the pot, the bad ones go into your crop


Sure, not every person is perfect. We all come with flaws, egos, trauma, and certain other "perks," but just like with food, our minds and nervous systems are resilient and can handle a certain portion of "unhealthy." But too much toxicity can make us—and our energy field—sick.

People with negative belief systems can hinder us from growing and living our lives to the fullest. Sometimes, it even comes with good intentions when they say, "Oh Honey, why do you keep dreaming about that? Be happy and grateful for what you have." So, just be mindful of what kind of energy you get from the people surrounding you. It doesn't mean you need to cut ties with them; being aware is the first step. 



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