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The Sisterhood Circle

Have you ever wondered why conflict between women is often described as deeper and meaner then conflict between men? How is it that, that in achient cultures women raised their kids together, they created together and they healed together. They shared they monthly cycles valued each other and the wellness of their community. So what happened? Trauma had happened! A generational trauma that inflicted women all over the world with the sisterhood wound. A lot of these Traumatic imprints have been part of the collective feminine for centuries going back to the times of early American civilizations such as the Puritans and the Salem Witch Trials. During the birth of patriarchy (our masculine dominated society), women were forced into domestication and became isolated from true sisterhood and connection. They spent more and more time indoors and disconnected from of the flow of nature. This cultural Trauma is blocking us from reaching our maximum potential as women. Instead of collaborating and creating a better world for Humanity like our ancestors did, we compete, compare, judge and separate from each other. These shadow traits are weighing down the collective feminine and if we are to Rise we need to prioritize healing the Sister Wound now. Your tribe of women is waiting for you. They are ready to elevate your consciousness and lift you up to that unstoppable force within that is your Truth! By establishing sisterhood you gain a steady flow of power, support, strength, wisdom, trust, love and stability. You become more connected to traits of the Divine Women that you are: grace, elegance, pure love, playfulness, whole, complete and connected to nature. Intuitive, creative, sexual and fulfilled with Life! My mission is to provide a safe, sacred space for women where we come together and through visualization, journaling and other somatic modalities heal the sisterhood wound and create a more loving gentler world for us, our daughters and all humanity!

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